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What to Consider When Planning a Pole Barn

On The Dexter Ranch YouTube video channel, in the video “5 Pole Barn Tips,” they discuss factors to consider before building a pole barn. Pole barns use specialized construction developed in the 1930s and are supported by deep-set poles in the ground. This eliminates the need for a foundation.

Whether building a pole barn from scratch or hiring a pole barn builder, creating a plan is essential. It is suggested that consumers develop a budget before beginning.

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Instead of building a larger building, think about building higher. This provides more room in the building to store equipment and supplies. When consumers want to add on, consider what direction is best and address the obstacles in your way.

Trees can be an asset or obstacle to pole barn building. They provide shade for the building in the warmer weather but have too many leaves to deal with in the fall. Deciding whether a tree is an asset or a liability means weighing the pros and cons.

Consider adding an overhanging eave to the roof. Overhanging eaves are designed to fit different roof esthetics and help keep rain and other weather from wearing out the building. Finally, think about painting the pole barn three colors or more. To get ideas, ride around the neighborhood and see what colors other pole barns are painted. Colors make the building stand out.

Visit a pole barn builder to help with the design and construction of the pole barn. Unless homeowners are very skilled, it is better to use a professional.

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