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What to Know When Getting Your Bathroom Trailer Rentals

In this video, Steve from Service Sanitation provides 10 tips for bathroom trailer rentals. He advises that the number of restrooms needed for an event should be based on the number of guests, with a recommendation of 1 restroom per 100 guests for a 4 to 6-hour event. Placement measurements and notifying the service center about the location should also be considered.

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Additional features like hand sanitizer or a running water sink, lock or zip ties, LED tap lights, damage waiver protection, staking, and highly visible locations should also be considered.

Steve suggests adding hand sanitizer or a running water sink for improved hygiene and recommends adding a lock or zip tie to deter unauthorized use. He suggests installing LED tap lights for night-time usage or placing the restroom near a light source. Steve also mentions the option of adding damage waiver protection, suggests anchoring the restrooms against a wall or using stakes for support, and advises placing the restrooms in a highly visible and accessible location.

Finally, he recommends having the restrooms serviced each morning for multi-day events and emphasizes the importance of portable restrooms in protecting the environment and saving water. It’s important to note that portable restrooms are an essential part of any outdoor event and can help ensure that guests have access to clean and hygienic facilities.

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