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How an Inspection Drone Service Works

In the video above, the reporter demonstrates the comprehensive inspection of wood power poles and their components using aerial drone services is highlighted. The Enterprise inspection drone service employed in this example can carry and operate two cameras simultaneously, offering robust performance even in challenging weather conditions. The inspection covers various aspects, including RGB video, thermal video, high-level zoom, and thermal radiometric photographs. Additionally, flight coordinates and telemetry data can be provided upon request.

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The reporter gives one key advantage highlighted in the video the safety aspect of drone inspections. By reducing the need for boots on the ground, these inspections minimize risks associated with traditional manual methods. The speed at which drone inspections can be conducted is emphasized, with the video showcasing the documentation of four power poles taking just 14 minutes. This efficiency is a significant improvement over conventional techniques, offering a faster and safer alternative.

Beyond safety and speed, the video underscores the broader benefits of drone inspections, including the ability to cover challenging terrain and provide higher-quality documentation. The permanence of visual records generated by drone inspections facilitates easy distribution to stakeholders and supports regulatory compliance. Moreover, the utilization of inspection drone services marks a transformative approach to power line inspections, promising increased efficiency, safety, documentation quality, and a paradigm shift in the industry’s practices.


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