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How Do I Sell My Invention?

If you’re an inventor, you know that creating an excellent product is just the beginning of the process. Refining your ideas and turning a concept into reality is far more difficult. But when your invention is complete, the work isn’t over. The next step is to market your invention in order to share it with the world and turn your ideas into a profitable career.

In this video, you can learn two different ways to market your invention.

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If it’s time to sell my invention, take the advice this patent lawyer with decades of experience has to offer. After working with many clients, he has seen many successful marketing techniques.

One method to market your invention is to sell it directly to prospective companies that could profit off of it. While you will be giving up the rights to your work, you won’t be giving them up for no reward. Instead, you’ll be able to sell your invention as a patented concept instead of as a complete physical product.

If you can network effectively with professionals in fields related to your invention, you may be able to leverage your social network to pitch your invention to prospective companies. In this case, you could partner with them instead of selling the rights to your invention.

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