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Testing Mig Welding Techniques

To get a good result in welding, several techniques have to be considered. Youtuber weldingtipsandtricks demonstrates some mig welding techniques in his video.

The first few welds are done with a Lincoln electric power mig 210mp. One such technique is called the “push angle,” where the mig welder points the tool forward when doing the weld. For maximum efficiency, the machine should sound like “bacon frying” when operating.

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Another technique, the “pull angle,” drags the welding tip across the metal surface, and could result in more penetration with less spatter.

When moving the welding gun, some good patterns to follow are cursive “e’s” or “U’s” when doing the weld. Looping the gun will decrease travel speed, while practicing a more U-type pattern will speed it up.

A stick weld can also be done in place of a short circuit mig. A file with teeth ground into it can help remove any excess slag after a stick weld.

For an outside joint, it’s recommended that a quicker, simpler pattern be done. Such patterns include a straight drag, back-and-forth, or even forward and pause.

Anyone wanting to improve their mig welding technique needs to look no further than what weldingtipsandtricks offers.

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