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Watch a Bottle Crushing Machine Turn Glass Into Sand

Bottle crushing devices are large and can process large numbers of bottles all at once. These items don’t get added to the bottle crushing machine completely manually. Technicians operate large vehicles that move around entire loads of glass bottles on a raised platform.

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The glass products are then gently lowered into the top of the crushing machine, while a conveyor belt brings all the bottles into the crusher itself.

A single collection of glass bottles can be used to create lots of sand. That dusty material pours down into the rest of the machine for a while once the used bottles have been fully crushed. When the procedure is finished, it’s possible to grab large handfuls of the dust, since there’s plenty of it.

The bottle crushing machine looks simple from the outside. Most of the internal components that make this process possible are not visible, since it mostly resembles a blue box. Still, it’s able to grind a very large number of strong glass bottles into a sandy material that has other uses. The discarded bottles are not wasted when they’re brought to one of these locations. These crushers work very efficiently at this stage every time.

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