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Step by Step Guide to Chinking a Log Home

If you own a log home or considering building one, you should become familiar with the word chinking. The YouTube video “Chinking a Log Home Instructional How-to” describes a step-by-step guide to chinking a log cabin caulking.

The first step is to clean the surface area. You will need a racking tool to do this.

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The next step is to fit the grip of the strip. You will need a grip strip and a sharp knife to do this. Make sure you always cut at an angle. Make sure you trim it into a perfect fit. It would help if you cut whatever you cut off on one side from the other. Adjust your work accordingly as you proceed.

The next step is in chinking a low cabin caulking stapling. Although this is an optional stage, you will need a staple gun or staples. Hold the grip strips when stapling. Keep the grip strips straight up and down vertical, not leaning in or out. If a pin pulls the grip strip, use a sharp knife to trim. The next step is loading chinking gum. In this step, you will need a chinking gum and a bucket. Use a chink pump that sucks the chinking from the bucket and sends it through a hose to apply.


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