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Which Body Camera is the Best Bang for Your Buck?

Body cameras are great for easy observation. They’re especially useful for undercover journalists looking to record footage and police officers on duty. The YouTube video “Top 4: Body Cameras” highlights the best body cameras on the market currently.

Fourth on the list of recommended cameras is the Pile PPB CM9 compact portable HD camera. It is ideal for law enforcement officers and security guards, who can use it to provide recorded evidence when necessary.

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It also boasts the option of night vision recording, a two-inch LCD system, and a speaker. Recordings can easily be shared via a USB, and it has a MicroSD slot, too.

The Komarov 720p HD portable pen camera is the third on the list. It fits easily into a breast pocket, hand pocket, or drawer. The top button can be easily pressed to start or stop recordings. It takes clear videos at 720p resolution and records well in low-light environments.

In second place is the Bravo HD 1080p S mini. It is ideal for recording in situations where standard cameras can’t. It can capture clear footage in total darkness and at night vision distances up to 15 feet.

The LEVO-focused small spy camera is at the top of the list. It provides recording options at 1920 by 1080p and 1280 by 720p and can be disguised in a hidden place due to its tiny nature. It can also record video for 3 hours on a single charge. The body camera cost varies for the four cameras highlighted in the video, but all are good options.


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