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What is the Frac Tank Cleaning Process?

Most people probably don’t know what a frac tank is or how it’s cleaned. A frac tank is a large capacity steel tank used to store liquids or solids like chemicals, saline water, manure, petroleum products, and proppant. They’re used in various applications and require a tank cleaning periodically, but what does the cleaning process look like?

First off, the process starts with a vacuum truck that’s built to properly clean a frac tank. Safety is also a top concern and it’s important that any team performing a tank cleaning is aware of the inherent hazards that come with cleaning these tanks.

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The engulfment hazard can be especially dangerous. Engulfment happens when water that’s been blocked up by sludge suddenly releases after the sludge is broken for removal.

Next, it’s important to check the levels in the tank before getting into the tank. If solids are in the front of the tank, it can lead to an engulfment hazard. In this case, the cleaners would need to clean out most of the solids without entering the tank. At this point, there are several steps to take before beginning to empty the solids. Watch the video above to learn more about this process.

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