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Artificial Turf Install

Artificial turf is a grass alternative that has become a popular option for homes. If you are planning an artificial turf install, you should know all of the steps of the process. In this article, we are going to talk about everything that you need to know during an artificial turf install.

The first part of the process is measuring. Before you can start installing any parts of the turf you will need to measure your yard.

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You need to know how much land you are working with so you know how much turf you are going to use.

After you have measured you will need to remove the old grass from the ground. Use a shovel to dig it up. With the old grass gone, you can dig down a couple of inches and add gravel. Gravel is a great base for the turf to be installed on.

Before you install the turf, you must sculpt the land in a way that will promote drainage. Without a drainage system, the turf will flood easily. If you have properly created a drainage system you can start laying the pieces of turf. If this process is too complicated for you, you can contact an artificial turf company to install it for you.


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