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Common Garage Door Repairs

Watch this video to learn about common garage door repairs. The garage is one of the most important spaces within the home. The garage door is also one of the most used in the house.

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It should be in top working condition because it not only allows one entry and exit but also protects the safety of the vehicle; and the security at home. Some houses provide access via the garage and most garage doors are today automated and electrically operated.

There are several garage door repairs one must do at one point or another. Some repairs don’t need professional help. Problematic garage door openers are the first common repair done. If yours is not working, check if it is well powered; if not, connect it back. If it is powered but not working, call a professional. Sensors are the other common repair on your garage door. Try moving unresponsive sensors around until you see them light or clean them up and ensure nothing is blocking their path. Call a professional if it does not work and use the alternative of bypassing the sensors by switching or closing the doors using the switch.

Crooked doors are another problem that will need fixing on most garage doors. It is due to snapped cables which make the doors go off track. Call in a professional to repair crooked doors because attempting to fix them is dangerous. Snapped torsion springs are another repair you must never handle. They are dangerous and need a professional. Finally, reconnecting the trolley is another repair done on garage doors from time to time that requires no professional help.


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