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What Happens During the Cremation Process?

If you were wondering what happens during cremation, here is the process involved.
First, most Cremation services need a person to be cremated in cremation-specific caskets made of plywood, pine, and other softwood materials. Before the body is cremated, things like breast implants and jewelry also need to be taken off the body.

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This is because they can cause problems during the cremation process.
After this, a metal tag is put on the corpse, and it has to stay there from start to finish. This is due to identification purposes after the cremation process is over. Then the cremation process begins. The body is placed into an oven, where it will burn for about 3 hours at 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The time it takes for the body to burn depends on how big or small the body is.
Once the body is done burning, the ashes are collected and stored in a container then sent to the family.
Cremation can be a good option over burial due to several factors. You should also consider your loved one’s final wishes before creating their body.

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