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Understanding Oil and Gas

Oil and gas are two of the most important fossil fuels on the planet. They help to power us in our everyday lives, through the use of cars, planes, and trains to give you a few examples. In this article, we will look at where oil and gas come from and how we can access them.

The first thing to understand about these resources is that they are not renewable. The oil and gas that we utilize today took millions of years to form.

Video Source

The video explains that millions of years are small organisms died and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. While these organisms were at the bottom of the ocean they formed into oil over time.

The oil and gas then sunk further down into the earth, where they would stay until the movement of the earth caused it to break through cracks. Even though some oil and gas make it to the service, the majority of these resources are kept in pockets underground.

To find the pockets of oil and gas, geologists will use several mapping techniques to see through the earth’s crust. Once a pocket of oil or gas is located it is then retrieved from the pockets through a pumping process.


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