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Oil May Be Better for Heating than Gas

Heat systems are what keep us warm during cold times of the year. Some homes use coal, some use natural gas, and some use oil. In this video, you will learn why oil may be better than gas for heating homes.

Heating oil for homes offers several benefits over gas. Oil can be delivered nearly anywhere.

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You don’t even have to have a pipe system connected to your house. The trucks will bring the oil over to your house and place it in your local storage tank.

The second benefit of oil is that it is safer than gas. You may think that oil is easy to burn. However, it requires extremely hot temperatures to burn. In this video, a lighter was not able to light the oil in its liquid state. On the other hand, natural gas is known to be extremely flammable. A little accident can cause a large explosion. Unfortunately, many natural gas accidents occur every year.

The last benefit of oil over gas is that a single delivery may last you the entire season. On the other hand, gas either has to be piped in or delivered on a regular basis.


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