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How Unconscious Bias Influences Fair and Impartial Treatment

We all have unconscious bias that affects our ability to perceive the world objectively. Such bias often prevents us from making fair and impartial judgments. Although unconscious bias does not make us bad people, we should strive to become more aware of how our life experiences influence our decision-making process and ability to be fair and impartial to everybody.
Unconscious bias can negatively affect our professional lives.

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They influence the decision we make and the actions we take, for example, the people we hire or fire, how we relate and interact with persons of a different race, religion, or social class, how we deal with problems, conduct performance evaluation or even consider the advice we are given.
Unconscious bias makes us favor a protected class of people, resulting in complaints and work conflict derailing progress. If not properly addressed, bias could lead to discrimination lawsuits being filed against a company. The company could be forced to make a huge settlement for the charge if an equality commission finds merit in the complaints.
Watch the linked video above for a visual illustration of how unconscious bias influences your fair and impartial treatment at work.

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