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Lash Extension Tips for Beginners

Calling all DIY beauty queens! Ever wanted to learn how to do eyelash extensions? Quick and easy beginner online lash courses outline how to apply a set of lashes so you can start advancing your skills today. Eyelash extensions are trending now more than ever, and they are perfect for anyone who wants to feel fabulous all day every day.

When first starting out, you will need to make sure you have the necessary supplies. This includes hydrogel eye patches, foam tape, iconic bonding glue, lash strips, primer, micro swabs, and a lash glue tray.

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Safety for your clients is a high priority. Go slow; you are using very sharp tools and chemicals around the eyes. Be sure to protect your clients’ eyes from any harsh chemicals by using eye patches. In addition, remember to clean their lashes before you begin to avoid any infection and ensure that the glue sticks well. It may help to work on both eyes at the same time to help gauge your progress and keep things even in case your client has to leave.

Remember that practice makes perfect. It could be helpful to buy a lash dummy, or enlist the help of your friends to test your new skills on!


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