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How do Metal Distributors Acquire Their Materials?

Metal is used in all sorts of building materials, products, and services all over the world. Most of them are recycled and used again and again, and then resold through metal distributors. Here’s how those materials are made and processed.

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Metal is piled up in incredibly large recycling areas. These contain all sorts of metals that come from various items such as old cars and even buildings. It’s important to separate these various types of metal from each other. The longer they sit there, the harder they are to distinguish and ultimately separate.

With cheaper metals, they will oftentimes go through a very large shredder. This shredder will break up the material into incredibly small pieces. These pieces are easier to use in various products and machinery due to their incredible versatility. These cheaper metals are especially common in old automobiles and consumer products.

The metal industry is very large. Many companies are in need of various metals for their products and services. The behind-the-scenes of how these metals are acquired is interesting considering how much we interact with them every day. For more information, check out the video on this page for where metals come from and how they are processed.


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