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Behind-the-Scenes Firefighters

You normally only see firefighters when they are out on a call. You see them on the news when they are at the scene of a fire or afterwords explaining the situation. They are some the most respected heroes of our community, and handle the scariest disasters we couldn’t stand a chance against. But what do you know about them when they aren’t risking their lives or in the face of devastation? What do they do before a call? How do they prepare for the many fires that just haven’t been started yet? Well, this video gives an insight into what a day is like in the world of a firefighter.

A lot of being a firefighter is checking and rechecking equipment to make sure it is in perfect working condition should an emergency arise. Hoses are subject to constant inspections, fire hydrant flow tests are performed to make sure water is always accessible, and even extra trucks are kept in tip top shape just in case another breaks down. Even the seemingly unimportant jobs like cleaning the toilets are prioritized in the firehouse.

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