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How Can Grout Injection Help to Repair Leakage?

There are several ways to fix leaks in your concrete structures. Polyurethane chemical grout injection is one of the oldest but least understood repair techniques. They bond with the concrete to make permanent, watertight seals or hard-to-fill gaps to stabilize the soil.

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The accelerator-adjusted curing time makes polyurethane an excellent way to seal leaks that are already there.

A hole is usually drilled near the leak to infuse the resin, and the chemical grout is pushed through the hole and into the water source. The water pressure presses the material into the structure, sealing the leak from the outside. Because the seal goes all the way through the wall, it fixes the leak completely. Depending on the chosen product, the resin will keep some flexibility. This allows the structure to move while the seal stays in place. With the polyurethane resins best for leak seal applications, almost any type of flaw can be fixed, from tiny cracks to big leaks. Even though many products can temporarily repair a leak, only a few can fix it permanently. It’s essential to keep in mind that these chemicals should be used by people who have been trained to handle them.

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