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A Beginners Guide to Your Homes Plumbing

Even in the simplest house design, plumbing seems to be a system of pipes that is often complicated and hard to understand. But if you take the time to understand how residential plumbing works, you’ll see that it’s pretty simple.

There are two essential parts of the home drainage system:

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The water supply system, which brings in clean water.
2. The drain-waste system, which removes unwanted water and waste.

Water Intake Supply System

This system moves water from the main valve, which is likely buried in front of your house if you get your water from the city. Keep in mind that this water is coming in at high pressure to reach all parts of your house. Additionally, this system ensures your water supply system brings clean, fresh water.

Drain-Waste Water Supply System

The water that has already flowed around your house is considered waste and needs to be eliminated. The water intake system ensures there is sufficient water pressure to get rid of this water. On the other hand, the drain vent system is run by gravity. You will notice that all the pipes involved have a downward angle. This ensures the wastewater can flow out of your home by itself. You will notice that the drain-waste system in your home is more complex than the system of pipes that do the intake.

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