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How Machines Cut, Shape, and Fabricate Duct Work

The process of commercial metal fabrication creates customized, quality products reliably and efficiently. The process starts at the coil line where large, heavy coils are taken through a series of roll-formers and insulators at one end, with 5-foot ductwork coming out of the other end. This process is fully automated.

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In total, there are five different materials on five spindles, with the differences being in terms of thickness, material, and coating used. A whisper lock is a machine that closes and seals up the ductwork after production.

Assembly is done before sending out a fully-made unit to the site it is needed in. This ensures uniformity and a level of perfection that is often only possible to replicate in a controlled environment.

This particular company, CLEATS, is a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in its ability to create quality custom products including dumpers and louvers. These are used as components of different products by manufacturers of rooftop equipment, generator enclosures, and air handlers among others.

Clients can send special detail drawing files to the company to help with the creation of estimates and custom fittings which makes things a lot faster for everyone involved. This wraps up the process of commercial metal fabrication.

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