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What to Expect in Elementary Schools

Elementary school can be a stressful place for children and their parents. However, your child can thrive in school with the right educational and emotional support. This video summarizes what to expect from elementary schools.

An elementary school is where students receive their first formal education after kindergarten.

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Students go to elementary schools until they complete their high school education. However, these schools need high safety standards for their students and staff. To achieve this, schools should have well-maintained facilities where they can practice social distancing. Also, elementary schools should provide proper hand washing stations with soap and water. Students should wear masks when entering school buildings and classrooms. Besides, visual cues should be provided throughout the school day to ensure everyone knows how to follow the rules and stay safe. These visual cues could include posters, signage, and announcements reminding people to practice good hygiene and follow social distancing guidelines.

Additionally, all exterior doors should be locked at all times. Locking exterior doors ensure that only authorized persons enter the building. School personnel should allow no access to the exterior of the school buildings unless they meet specific criteria. The school should reserve visiting days for family members and friends.

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