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The Basics About Web Logs (Blogs) Where They Come From, What They’re About, and How You Can Use Them

Blogs blogs blogs! Blogging has become a huge internet craze, and there are many sites that offer free blogging services. Because of that, the online blogging or “web log” community has really been able to flourish and come into its own.

Blogs date back to 1999, when online publishing software was relatively new and it was just becoming common for non technically inclined users to post content on the internet. Previous to that, only people that had experience in writing html and website code really posted anything on the internet. However, with the advent of programs that wrote the code for your content for you, it made the internet far more accessible to more people.

A fun characteristic of particularly great blogs is that you are able to leave comments, and hopefully the blogger will respond. This interaction sets up potential for interaction, and the more interactive something is, the more people will be attracted to it.

Usually a blog will be about a certain topic, and all of the blogging info will be in that realm of information, such as blogger news. However, there are also random blogs that are just about whatever the blogger feels like writing, which can always be fun as well.

The type of blog you stumble across while browsing will usually be listed in the blog info that the hosting site offers up as a sort of synopsis. If certain keywords or tags are often recurring, then you can count a blog as a certain type, which is useful if you are searching for a certain kind of information.

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