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Archive for June 7th, 2013

A Pipeline of Good Service

Plumbing san diego

Plumbing, which involves systems of pipes and tanks for the control of water supply and heating, has been around for millennia. The idea of having available water in a home, as well as basic sanitation, is not modern. Many civilizations have used plumber services.

Part of a plumbing system for water was discovered in a Pyramid in Egypt by archaeologists. It dated back to 2,500 years before Christ. There is also evidence that indicates that the Mayans were constructing pressurized pipes in modern day Mexico around 500 AD.

There are many reasons to call on a plumber San Diego. Plumber services can provide help with pipes and tanks for water, heat, and sewage. Bad plumbing can cause a mess. Sewer and drain services can install sewer line replacements for you.

Thomas Crapper worked for the man who patented the first flush system. However, he did not actually invent the toilet, despite what popular culture may claim. The flushing toilet allowed for the better conservation of water. This is still necessary today as over 9,000 gallons water are wasted in an average home as a person is waiting for a running faucet to produce hot water.

A good plumbing san diego service can ensure that your pipes are flowing the way they should. Plumber services have been necessary for centuries, and they will continue to be so. Homes need running water and basic sanitation.

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