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Archive for June 6th, 2013

How To Stop Wage Garnishment

Irs garnishment

Taxes have a long history, dating back hundred of years. Before 1776, the American Colonies were subject to taxation by the United Kingdom. And today, many things are taxed. For example, did you know that in Alabama there is actually a ten cent tax on a deck of playing cards? Perhaps one of the most important taxes in the US is the federal income tax: federal tax rates vary from 10 percent to 39.6 percent of taxable income. States also tax income, as do some localities. Though, all governments within the United States provide tax exemption for some income, property, or persons. In spite of the fact that filing your taxes can sometimes be a confusing process (the easiest form, the 1040EZ, has thirty three pages of instructions) it is essential to pay your taxes.

Failure to pay federal income tax can result in serious problems with the IRS. One of the most common consequences tax debtors face is wage garnishment, in which the IRS demands that an employer send a portion of the wages of a tax debtor directly to the IRS. If you owe back taxes to the IRS and are wondering, “How can i stop wage garnishment?,” there are several things to keep in mind. Fist of all, if you need information regarding how to stop IRS wage garnishment, if can be advisable to seek help from a professional. A professional can review all of your tax liabilities with you and help you to come up with a solution. If you are wondering how to stop irs wage garnishment a professional can also help to negotiate an installment agreement. An installment agreement is a program that allows a taxpayer to pay off their outstanding tax liabilities. Overall, if you are facing tax problems and are wondering how to stop IRS wage garnishment, it can be wise to seek professional guidance. It is possible to stop irs garnishment.


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