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Archive for June 4th, 2013

Read This About Moving

Move coupon

Moving is both a stressful and exciting time for most Americans. It’s also an expensive time. There’s so much to plan with a move that it’s easy to forget the minute details. The minute details are often the ones that can cut the costs of moving. With a little extra planning, you can find a great many ways to save yourself a bit of stress and a bit of money.

Through the internet, the post office and most of the moving companies out there, regardless if they’re full service or do it yourself, you can find a plethora of mover coupons and packrat coupons. These coupons include mover promocode products and services, as well as coupons that pertain to goods and services in your local area. Some move coupons come from surprising sources as well. If you’re moving to a new area, there might be a packrat coupon for a local bank, that’ll give you cash to sign up a direct deposit with them. Or that a cable company will waive the installation fee when connecting your cable internet or cable television, but these aren’t the only move coupons that you’ll find.

It’s not just a pack rat promo code that comes inside a collection of move coupons that can save you money, it’s the guidance that these coupons can offer you in your move. As it was stated earlier, while moving, it’s easy to overlook some of the minute yet equally important details. These coupons, through offering you savings, can remind you of some of the things that you might’ve forgotten in planning your moving adventures.

Moving doesn’t have to be an expensive or a stressful time, with a little extra time put into the planning of your move, you can cut through the stress. When you’re going through all the extra planning before moving, you’re also finding that you’re streamlining the process. With a well planned move, you’re able to have a better idea of what should be done and how. And in collecting the coupons that will save you money on not just the move, but everything that you’ll need once the move is done, you’d have been able to cut through most of the stress.

Oakwood Village in Auburn CA


Oakwood Village

3388 Bell Road

Auburn, CA 95603


(530) 889-8122

Local Business Picture

Oakwood Village offers Specialized Dementia, Alzheimers, and memory loss care in addition to our assisted living and respite care.

Oakwood Village was voted “Best of the Best” by readers of the Auburn Journal 2012!

Oakwood Village Assisted Living Community is a retirement home in Auburn, CA that offers specialized supportive care for active seniors as well as those with memory loss. The moment you enter Oakwood Village you will feel the caring that defines our quality adult retirement community. We offer a wide range of services for meeting senior housing residents’ day to day needs. Our specialized Dementia Care program offers a nurturing environment with staff trained to foster moments to remember. Our peaceful setting is enhanced by our restaurant style dining, free senior transportation, a stimulating senior activity program as well as clean senior rental apartments. Our residents will tell you they appreciate all these options and more while living at Oakwood Village. The staff at Oakwood Village prides itself on respecting the privacy and individuality of our residents while at the same time creating a real sense of community. You can maintain the same independent lifestyle you have always enjoyed, plus have the opportunity to connect with your peers, participate in activities, and even form lasting friendships. Experience for yourself what sets Oakwood Village apart from other senior care properties. Find out why the Auburn community has supported us since 1995.


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