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What You Should Know About a Roll Off Dumpster Delivery to Your Home

Watch this video to learn the crucial details about dumpster delivery to your home. There are a few things you must do, know and put in place when you order a roll off dumpster to facilitate a successful and smooth delivery at your home. The delivery is made any time within working hours and does not require you to be physically present at home. I
When you place an order for a dumpster, explain to the delivery team exactly where you want it at your home.

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Go a step further and mark the exact location with cones to identify it when the delivery truck arrives so that the driver locates the intended spot. It is necessary because deliveries happen even without you, as stated earlier.
Trees and low-hanging branches may prevent delivery by obstructing the truck. Cut or trim them. Remove all other obstructions like your car to clear space for the delivery truck.
When the driver arrives, he will lower the dumpster gently to the ground leaving your driveway intact and unaffected. However, if you wish to protect it more, you can pad it with plywood planks. The driver will place them at each of the corners. The service providers are on call anytime you reach out to sort out your dumpster rental needs.

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