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What Is a Channel Letter and How Is it Made?

A channel letter is basically just a fancy way of saying “a typeface with serifs.” Serifs are those little lines at the end of each letter stroke that give letters their unique look. The first step is to choose which font style you want to use for your channel letter.

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Most people start with a sans-serif font like Helvetica Neue or Arial. Sans-serif fonts are great because they don’t have any extra lines or details added to them. They are typically easier to read and less distracting than serif fonts. Once you have decided on your font style, you need to add details to your lettering.

Adding details to your lettering helps break up the text’s monotony and adds interest to your work. Now it’s finally time to add some color! The most important part of creating a good channel letter is ensuring that the colors you choose complement one another. After adding all the necessary details to your lettering, it is time for the final step. Before you start writing, be sure to check your lettering for accuracy. Make sure that everything lines up correctly and that there are no mistakes.

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