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Understand Your Municipal Representation

What is the role of a municipal councillor in South Africa? Legal services for municipalities can differ based on the type of councillor within the municipality. The two main types of councillors are Ward Councillors and Proportional Representative Councillors. The three different types of municipalities in South Africa are Metro, District, and Local.

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The Proportional Representative Councillor, or PR-Representative, is chosen by a political party. The party chooses a representative but the number of PR-Councillors that it receives depends on the number of votes that the party receives in the local election. All of the elected officials must work together to represent all of the people in the municipality. They are a go-between for the people and the Council.

All councillors must attend all Council and committee meetings unless granted a leave of absence. All councillors must all follow the Code of Conduct in such a manner that represents the best interests of the citizens of the municipality. A Ward Councillor must create committees that allow active participation by citizens of the ward.

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