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How Does Metal Recycling Work?

Stephen Cudd, a scrapyard manager, gives a brief overview of metal recycling and how this unique industry works. From cars to aluminum cans, metal items go through several processes to be reformed into new items. The first phase is sorting for transit, then the metal is all crushed together in a bailer before being taken to another facility and melted down for repurposing.

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Stephen Cudd has different processes for all recycling materials, including metal. For different metal types, the process can vary. Wires are typically removed from their extra insulation in the first phase, whereas cars are smashed down first and shredded before going to the bailer.

Stephen Cudd tries as best he can to recycle everything that makes it to his scrapyard and keep it from ending up in landfills. Cudd appreciates spreading awareness about the metal recycling industry. He’s even written a book called “The Adventures of Soda Can Steve.” With his book, he hopes to teach younger generations that everyone can make a difference.

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