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Custom Home Additions to Consider For Fall

Fall is almost here, so as the new season approaches you may be thinking about what you can do at your home. Luckily, there are endless custom home additions to consider for fall. Whether you’re considering expanding your outdoor space or improving your flooring, here are some options for you to consider when it’s time to update your home for the new season.

Renovated Landscaping

As you look upon your landscape, you have an endless amount of things you can do with it. Whether you have a front yard backyard or both, think about the ways that you can improve upon your vegetation. Is the area void of any trees? If so, you could have your local landscape professionals plant some. The great thing about the strategic placement of trees is it can help your home save energy costs. Trees also reduce noise pollution and help clear the air. So these plants are some of the best custom home additions. Depending on your region, you can have trees that grow various types of fruits like apples or pears in New England or oranges and lemons in hot areas like California. Have you always dreamed of having a garden but didn’t know about going about it? Let landscaping professionals get the ball started by planting a rose garden or getting the seedlings down for a vegetable garden. Then you can enjoy growing your food right on your home grounds. You can continue to beautify your landscape by installing a gazebo or greenhouse. A gazebo gives you a canopy space to enjoy the outdoors from any angle. If you’re worried about keeping your grass beautiful and fresh year-round, professional landscapers know how to pick the right fertilizer that can control weeds and make other plants grow better. They can also plant various types of spruces that are unique or indigenous to your climate.

Outdoor Kitchen

With fall and winter coming, imagine all the yummy dishes you’ll be able to whip up for family and friends. Plus, fall marks the beginning of the holiday season when people tend to have more parties and get-togethers in addition to standard holiday dinners. Imagine having your Christmas Eve brunch outside in your new outdoor kitchen. Well, custom home builders can make it happen. If you already have a patio space, your outdoor kitchen already has a foundation to go on. Even if your main kitchen is already beautiful and has every appliance imaginable, an outdoor kitchen is just a great way to continue to enhance your outdoor living facility. With these custom home additions, even when you and the family are outdoors. you have the same amount of comfort as you would inside. Plus, when you’re entertaining, having an additional kitchen to work with can make it easy for you to share the duties with other friends and family. In other words, why should you handle all the Thanksgiving duties when you can put other people to work either inside or outside the house?

Basement Remodel

Gone are the days when the basement was just considered a dark space at the bottom of the house that people only used for storage. Savvy homeowners now understand that a basement is an entire floor that can be turned into the living space of their dreams. It can become a fun entertainment room filled with a pool table, video games, a large movie screen, and tables for board games. You can finally build your home office or an extra bedroom. Create a finished standalone apartment that you can rent out. Start kicking your basement remodel into high gear by hiring professionals for waterproofing. After all, you wouldn’t want your new home space apartment, or office to fall victim to mold or flooding. Once the basement wall, ceilings, and floors have been reinforced and protected from the outside elements, it’s time to visit your local furniture store and start picking out items for your renovated space. Is your basement dark and dingy like many other basements? You can always install an emergency exit window so your basement has natural lighting as well as an additional safety element. If you plan to turn your basement into a standalone residence, you’ll have to install such a window anyway due to regional regulations. A basement allows several types of custom home additions that suit your needs.

Guest Room

Do you enjoy having friends or family stay the night? Do people often come and spend extended time during the holiday season? Do you plan on eventually having older family members stay with you regularly? If so, a new guest room should be at the top of your list of custom home additions. As mentioned above, your basement is a perfect spot to add a new bedroom, but what if you’re already renovating your basement for another reason such as a home office or entertainment room? No worries, as you can always incorporate a guest room in your attic or another part of the main house. Maybe you have an extremely large bedroom that custom home builders can split into two smaller ones. You may even have a large closet that could work as a small guest room with the right renovation.

Basic Remodels

Even if you’re unsure about what type of rooms you want to create among your custom home editions, there are some basic remodeling features that you should consider. For example, take a look around at your walls and ceiling. Are you noticing any general wear and tear or damage? You may even have some water stains due to some water leaks you may not have noticed yet. Now is the time to call your drywall installation professionals to get to work to repair and update any damaged drywall before things worsen. After all, your foundation is the basis of your home and its structural Integrity plays a major role in your overall home value. Another advantage of getting a drywall installation done is it gives you a good basis to finally update your interior and exterior paint job. An interior paint update can give you a rate of return as high as 107% according to Bob Vila. Therefore, if you’re living in a home in which you haven’t updated your paint color in a long time, it’s never been a better time to do so than fall. After all, if you plan on hosting a bunch of holiday parties, you can impress your family and friends with your updated color scheme. Maybe you want to paint your home in your favorite color or you want to keep the same color but just want to refresh it with a new coat of paint. Maybe you want to follow today’s Trends, which is easy to do by keeping up with sites like Pinterest or The Spruce. According to Spruce, colors such as green, black, and gray have been more popular than ever when it comes to home colors. Of course, you could always play it safe with timeless colors like white, off-white, and beige which go with anything.

Appliance Repair

Appliances make life so much easier however if your appliances are outdated or aren’t functioning for their capacity then they can become useless and just a piece of junk. So, it may be time to replace those old outdated appliances, especially if they’re costing you more money on your energy bills. You can begin by calling a home appliance repair service to see if there are appliances that simply need some fine-tuning and cleaning to restore them to better functionality. If some appliances are simply too outdated and far gone, you can always replace them especially, if you want something to match your kitchen aesthetic. For example, maybe you’ve always dreamed of having stainless steel appliances but those weren’t the ones that came with the home. Your custom home additions for fall can include an overhaul of those appliances, so you can have the refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and smaller appliances that you’ve always wanted. Don’t forget about your washer and dryer. If you do a lot of laundry you want an efficient washer and dryer that doesn’t use an excessive amount of water to finish the job or run longer than it needs to. Between home appliance repair and smart upgrades, you can end up saving a great deal of money and have more on your home budget. In addition, the environment will thank you as certain appliances like the Energy Star brand come with the guarantee that you’ll be reducing your overall carbon imprint

Bedroom Improvements

Having a comfortable bedroom that you can fall into is a must for any homeowner considering custom home additions. So make sure that your bed is as perfect as possible. Have you been sleeping on the same mattress and pillows for years? If so, it’s certainly a time for an overhaul as the wrong mattress and pillow can affect your sleep. According to the Sleep Foundation, healthy adults should get 7 to 9 hours of Healthy sleep each night. Otherwise, you can develop health problems like inflammation, weight issues, fatigue, or depression. It’s hard to sleep well if you’re tossing and turning on an uncomfortable mattress with broken springs digging into your back. Or maybe your mattress is too soft or sunken and you don’t have it level enough when you sleep. What about your pillows? Are they too flat to properly support your head and neck during sleep? Having a supportive and properly changed-out mattress and pillows is also essential to your respiratory health and skin health. Your mattress and pillows will see a buildup of dust mites and sweat over time. So if you don’t properly clean them or change them out as needed, you might end up sleeping in a very germy environment that can affect your respiratory health or exacerbate allergies. Therefore, new bedding should be on your list of custom home additions.

New Roof

Is it time to update your roof? If you’ve been getting your regular roof inspections, then you should have some regular advice from your local roofing contractor. Does your roofing professional recommend more repairs or a different installation? Is it time to hire a flat roofing contractor so that you can utilize a flat roof for entertaining? Maybe you want a green roof so you can utilize the benefits of vegetation. However, if you want the most durable roofing possible, consider installing a metal or slate one. According to Bob Villa, a metal or slate roof lasts approximately 50 to 70 years. Such roofs last a very long time and are great materials to prevent the prevalence of water leaks since they have fewer seams than traditional asphalt roofing. A new roof also enhances your home’s insulation. After all, insulation isn’t just for your walls. Your insulation is also part of your roof structure as it helps to keep warm air or cool air inside during the winter and summer so your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard .

New Driveway

Having a solid driveway is a must for your home. Before you get your car into the garage, it needs a solid surface to drive on. If your driveway has a bunch of cracks and holes, it can be a liability not only for hurting your tires, but it could cause people to trip and fall. Plus, a cracked uneven driveway can affect your home’s curb appeal and decrease its value. There are local concrete cement companies that you should call to schedule an appointment to see what they can do for your driveway. Once you see the work they can do to make those repairs and smooth things out, you’ll be grateful that you hired a concrete contractor for your home.

As you can see you have many custom home additions to consider. Your home is your palace, so treat it as such. From your bedroom to your basement, there’s tons of work to do in your home during the fall season. Contact our team about the right custom home additions for you.

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