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Understanding Police Jobs

Watch the video below to understand the meaning of a police officer. While police jobs can be risky, many people get into the career because they are passionate about serving and protecting others. Individuals interested in becoming a police officer should understand that while the job can be fulfilling, it comes with demanding responsibilities.

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The core duty of police officers is to protect property and people. They patrol neighborhoods, control traffic, write citations, respond to emergency calls, deliver warrants, submit incident reports promptly, and arrest violators. Working in police jobs means an individual can be occasionally called to testify in court as a witness to an incident. Further, police jobs provide educational advocacy to the public to help solve or prevent crime.

A police officer must possess various values, including honesty, accountability, integrity, and proper ethics. Anybody working in police jobs should adhere to the law and regulations governing their departments. For instance, the use of force should be reasonable and executed only when necessary. Police officers should perform their responsibilities and duties justly and equitably.

They must never act discriminatorily or show favoritism. A police officer should understand that all citizens should be treated respectfully regardless of their sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, religion, national origin, or socioeconomic status. The police jobs code of ethics forbids corruption and dishonesty. Any police officer who engages in misconduct can face legal prosecution and disciplinary action.


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