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How Outdoor Air Conditioner Installation Works

Installing an outdoor air conditioner can be daunting. There are many small, unfamiliar parts that can be difficult to understand. Luckily, with this guide, you’ll have no problem completing air conditioning installations in a flash.

When it comes to air conditioning installations, you first need to remove all screws holding the old unit in place.

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Pull off the old unit. It may be difficult — there are usually many wires attached to the unit. If you work carefully you should be able to take it out without breaking anything.

Once you’ve removed the old unit, disconnect the electrical power cord from the wall outlet. This will prevent you from getting shocked while you’re working. If the old unit was connected to the ductwork, you’ll need to disconnect the ducts as well. To do this, unscrew each of the hoses that connect the unit to the ductwork. Be careful not to break them.

After this, you can start to cut the new unit into two sections. One section will go under the house, and the other will go outside. Then it’s time to attach the new unit to the existing unit, using the screws provided with the new unit. Make sure the new unit is securely fastened to the old unit before turning the electricity back on.

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