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How Do Professionals Clean Your Gutters?

Gutters prevent disaster by directing large volumes of water away from our homes or office structures. It is easy to neglect these overused parts of our home and forget to schedule regular maintenance and inspection. In the long term, this neglect will affect your roof and cause damages that attract expensive repairs.

Professional gutter cleaners will come into your home and use a trough to remove twigs, debris, or leaves. They will then scrape out hardened bottom sediments and rinse the gutter to confirm proper water flow.

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You can flush water down or up the downspout to eliminate blockages and tap along its sides to dislodge debris.

Professionals use extension ladders that can reach at least three feet above the gutter to get up to your roof safely. To protect their hands, they wear heavy-duty gloves. After a clean, professionals employ gutter cleaning maintenance programs to ensure that your gutters are in excellent condition. For example, if your gutters are hanging or sagging, they will install metal gutter hangers to prop them back up. To secure loosened down spouts with new straps or by tightening the existing ones.


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