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Should You Seek Help for Your Uncomfortable Braces?

Braces are always uncomfortable when they are first put on and whenever they are adjusted. However, they should feel better after a week. If it’s been longer than a week, call your orthodontist. Here are tips from Mar Orthodontics about what to do when your braces hurt.

Your orthodontist should have provided you with wax.

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Make sure your brackets are dry. Place the wax over the brackets. This helps prevent the brackets in your dental braces from rubbing against your tongue or the sides of your mouth.

If pain is in the back of your mouth, near your cheek, it’s caused by a shifting wire. Place wax over the wire end. You then need to call your orthodontist to get the wire adjusted. This will not get better by itself.

It’s common for wires to come out of newly applied dental braces, especially around the back teeth. Do not touch the wires if this happens. Call your orthodontist immediately to get this fixed. This is another thing that will not get better by itself.

You may feel something rubbing your gums or tongue. Look in the mirror to see if a bracket has come off. Do not touch it or try to replace it. Call your orthodontist right away.

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