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Heres What You Need to Know About Golf Cart Safety

If you are going to be golfing anytime soon, you are likely to utilize a golf cart — and understandably so! They are a convenient and fun staple of the golfing experience. That being said, a high level of care needs to be put into both driving and riding in a golf cart. It isn’t all fun and games and, if not done properly, people could be injured.

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The first guideline to keep you safe is to check the pressure of the golf cart’s tires. You want to avoid getting a flat tire. Next, be sure to set the brake of the golf cart when exiting. You will need to push the brake down all the way.

While it may seem like common sense to some, it bears reminding: do not exceed a golf cart’s passenger limit. Having more people or weight than is allowed only increases the risk of injury. Additionally, keep the golf cart on designated grounds. Don’t take it all over the property you are using it on.

Spirits can get high and people can get goofy while golfing. That being said, be sure not to golf while the golf cart is in motion. For more information, be sure to watch this educational video!

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