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Archive for November 1st, 2013

Do You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner to Have an Amazing Reception?

Wedding banquet halls in miami

Over 4,000 years ago, the very first weddings were performed when human beings transitioned from living communally towards family group habitation. Things have sure changed since then, but much has stayed the same. Wearing a white wedding dress became a tradition after Queen Victoria wore one to her wedding 1840. Today, almost 90 percent of brides wear white wedding gowns at the wedding reception and ceremony. However, in many Eastern cultures, white happens to be the color of mourning, so you will not find a lot of brides wearing white in the far and middle east.

Bride Magazine recently reported that the typical couple spends $27,000 on their wedding? One reason that his cost is so high is that a little less than 25 percent of couples hire wedding event planners. A wedding and event planner

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Designing your custom home

Arizona new home builder

Have you been considering the purchase of a new home, or simply wondering what you should do with large plot of land that you recently acquired? One of the best options available to you might be one you that you have not yet considered. You can fill that plot of land with a dream of your own, your own Arizona home. Arizona custom home builders can help you bring your dreams to life.

Building a custom home can be easy.

The perfect house is often the result of the perfect brainstorm. In order to get this part of the process down you should make a checklist of essential qualities your luxury home should have. Once the list is complete you can stem

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