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Do You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner to Have an Amazing Reception?

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Over 4,000 years ago, the very first weddings were performed when human beings transitioned from living communally towards family group habitation. Things have sure changed since then, but much has stayed the same. Wearing a white wedding dress became a tradition after Queen Victoria wore one to her wedding 1840. Today, almost 90 percent of brides wear white wedding gowns at the wedding reception and ceremony. However, in many Eastern cultures, white happens to be the color of mourning, so you will not find a lot of brides wearing white in the far and middle east.

Bride Magazine recently reported that the typical couple spends $27,000 on their wedding? One reason that his cost is so high is that a little less than 25 percent of couples hire wedding event planners. A wedding and event planner takes care of party hall rentals and finding wedding locations for both the ceremony and the reception.

On average, weddings in the United States have about 175 guests in attendance. Weddings and wedding receptions are thus far bigger affairs than they used to be, and wedding event planners must find locations that will accommodate so many people. About 7,000 wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions take place in America each and every day. Many of these are waterfront weddings because weddings on the beach have become particularly popular lately. Thus, there is now a niche for wedding event planners with experience planning ocean front weddings.

Over the last ten years, beach ceremonies and wedding receptions have caused an explosion in the destination wedding business. Although many engaged couples opt to have their weddings in exotic tropical locales, as wedding event planners are well aware, there are many American beaches that offer spectacular settings for wedding receptions and ceremonies. Wedding event planners can reserve these beaches for a much lower cost to the bride and groom than other locales. This is definitely something to think about when working with wedding event planners. Helpful sites.

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  • Raymond Mack

    My sister had the most awful wedding planner at her wedding. She was a nice lady, but she really had no idea what she was doing. She was so unorganized.

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