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Archive for November 7th, 2013

Stay Safe While Handling Electricity

Wire management

Did you know that, each and every year, 1,000 U.S. men and women perish from electric shock, and another 30,000 sustain non-fatal shock-related injuries? Handling electricity can be extremely dangerous, and live wires pose a significant risk of fire, electrocution, injury, and sometimes even death. What small tools can dramatically reduce these risks?

Threaded Standoffs and Rubber Grommets

Threaded standoffs, typically made from brass, nylon, or aluminum, are most commonly used to elevate electronics, such as printed-circuit boards. Standoffs use a series of threads in order to remain securely in place, and threaded standoffs may be circular or hexagonal in shape. Separating electronics prevents shorts, and reigns in risks of electrical accidents and injury.
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Pottery Wheels for Beginners

Pottery wheels for beginners

Pottery wheels for beginners can help to introduce you to a new hobby that has the added benefit of giving you useful household wares. Pottery is an ancient art. Its origins go far back into prehistory, long before humans started using the written word to communicate ideas. However, it is still used both by hobbyists and professionals in the modern era to create useful and decorative objects for homes.

Pottery includes basically all ceramic things that contain clay when they are fired, or heated until they harden. To make pottery, first you shape the object out of moist, unfired pottery clay. Pottery is shaped in an array of different ways, including hand shaping on pottery wheels and injection molding (an industrial pottery technique). Once you are done shaping and decorating it (however,

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