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How to Wear a Floral Print Dress in the Fall

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Just because summer is over does not mean you have to ditch all your cute floral gear! October is one of the most colorful months of the entire year, with its radiant orange glowing trees and light brown leaves spotting the sidewalk. In fact, on those days when the sky is blue and the sun is shining brightly, October can be even more beautiful than any month in the summer. Believe it.

That is exactly why you should keep your floral print dresses handy in the autumn months as well. You never know which days you wake up will be bursting with sunlit energy and beckoning you to your closet for your festive floral gear. Obviously, you will need to accessorize appropriately. This is fall, after all, so here are a few tips for your fashion choices:

1. Got a cute floral print dress with darker oranges and reds? Match it with some high brown boots and a dark sweater. You will be clad in all the earth tones you need to walk among the autumn trees overhead and the crunchy leaves at your feet.

2. On a particularly warm day, grab your jean jacket and festive sandals and take a walk. The blues of your top half will match the sky, while the floral print dress below will color the rest of your surroundings. Make sure your footwear is simple, though; you want to let your flowery wrap dress speak for itself!

3. Heading into work? Stay classy with a dark floral top with bright blue patterns on it and match it with a black skirt. Or, do the opposite. Grab a white blouse and let your floral skirt do all the talking. You do not always need a floral print dress to get flowery.

No matter what your style preferences are, you can always get a little more wear out of your floral print dresses with a little creativity. Scour your closet for ideas and never stop experimenting. After all, that is what life is all about — even in the fall.

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