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Are You Looking for a Great New Way to Rock Camo?

Camouflage clothing

There is a certain stigma in American culture about camouflage. If you are wearing it, you are one of two things; a hunter or a redneck. However, as fashion trends have shown, camouflage is one of the sexiest, most customizable designs out there today for all Americans.

The Beginning

The word camouflage comes from the French “camoufler”, meaning “to blind or veil”. In the 19th century, camouflage became popular among world militaries because firearm technology had advanced to be far more accurate at longer ranges. Camo continued to be important into the twentieth century, too. In the First World War, the Germans used a sort of camouflage on the wings of their air force, implementing color blotches and irregular polygons along their fuselages. During World War II, most nations used camouflaging techniques to shield their personnel and tools from aerial observation and attack.

Modern Camouflage is Just as Useful for Play as It is for Work

In 1919, attendees of Chelsea Art Club’s “dazzle ball” wore dazzle-patterned black and white clothing. This may have been one of the first instances of camouflage being used for style, but it was never meant to be the last. Now, camouflage is available to all Americans looking for a way to personalize their look in a sexy, eye-catching way.

  • Camo Bathing Suits for Women
  • Camo bathing suits for women have made the hottest beaches in the United States that much hotter. Available in all the most popular cuts, camo bathing suits let Americans fly their country girl flag loudly and proudly. Pink camo bathing suits for women are among the most popular styles.

  • Camo Garters for Weddings
  • Whether women love to hunt, love being country, or simply love camouflage, why should it have to stop when they get married? Show your flare for the styles and patterns you love at your big day with a camo garter. The traditional green and brown might not match your colors, but what about pink camouflage? Stop thinking about camouflage as a hunting tool, and start thinking about it like a style accessory for all occasions!

  • Camo Purses
  • Regardless of whether you are looking for a small clutch to keep your phone and ID in or a full fledged purse that stores your life essentials, a camo purse may be just the thing you are looking for. Just be careful about setting it down next to any plant life. You may never find it!

Admittedly, camouflage clothing and accessories are not for everybody. However, if you love camo in any of its forms, why should you hide it? Start rocking your favorite camo bathing suits for women and other accessories today.

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