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Want a Wedding With Class and Style? Consider Having It by the Water!

Wedding locations in virginia beach

Did you know that the reason the bride stands on the left of the groom is so that he could fend off other suitors with his sword? Weddings are almost as old as history, and steeped in such interesting tradition. We, as humans, love weddings, and want them to be perfect. It is supposed to be the happiest moment of our lives, and so we want everything to go perfectly right, with no detail unattended.

This is why we practice all those seemingly silly traditions that we might not even understand. These are symbolic actions that, even though we might not understand what they symbolize, we understand that they are important.

Another example is to shower the couple with symbolic food, like rice. This tradition varies from country to country. The French throw wheat. Sicilians throw salt. The English throw pieces of cake. Early Romans and Greeks threw nuts, dates, and seed bearing plants.

Not to mention how Roman brides carry bunches of herbs, which are meant to symbolize fertility when they got married. This is how the wedding bouquet got started!

This obsessions with perfection is totally understandable, and felt by everyone. Nowadays, more than 40 percent of couples plan their weddings together.

One important choice is the location of your wedding, and a very popular, completely underrated idea is to have weddings by the water. The location of where you want to finally tie the know is a vital part of planning the event, but it is only one of many different things. You also have to plan the budgeting, establishing dates, wedding venues, selecting and reserving the event site, acquiring permits, coordinating logistics like parking or transportation, hiring speakers or performers, arranging decor, setting up tables, chairs and other physical items, coordinating police and EMT presence, and cleanup.

But realistically, think about how nice weddings by the water is. Your photos will look much more majestic with a nice sunset over the clear water. There is a cool, crisp, refreshing breeze. And, probably best of all, wedding receptions on the beach. You can have a beach party for your wedding reception!

Weddings by the water would be a great idea to have a unique, memory filled wedding full of class. What are some other reasons to have weddings by the water? Why not have weddings by the water? Leave your opinion on weddings by the water in the comments! Find more on this here.

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