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Body Cleanses Come and Go Have You Tried the Sea Salt One Yet?

Sea salt cleanse

Body cleanse and diet trends come and go like the rise and fall of the tides. Have you ever tried any? The whole reason that most of them are trends, and fall out of style quickly, is because they do not actually do that much. A body cleanse can be drastic to your body, a sudden influx of one item, while completely cutting out any others, can prove traumatizing if you have not done your homework. Before you try anything, consult your physician to see if it would be right for you, and what types of side effects you can be expecting. That being said, there is a new, extremely simple body cleanse that you may want to ask your doctor about.

Forget the sea salt diet, you want the sea salt cleanse. Sea salt is a great way of pulling out the toxins, flushing the system of any harmful particles that are living inside, currently wreaking havoc. The sea salt cleanse recipe is as simple as water and sea salt. Ask your doctor first, however, before you worry about the proper ratios.

A word of warning, give yourself at least an hour at home before doing anything the day of the cleanse. The human body has a remarkable way of pushing sea salt and water out very quickly. Which is a good sign, however, because it flushes right through your system, not giving your body any time to absorb it, pulling all of the bad stuff out with it.

After a cleanse like this, be sure to replenish your body of its nutrients. Start slow and simple. Drink plenty of water to flush the system further of any extra salt that may have been absorbed. Try fresh and raw foods for a little bit. Pure, natural juices with no added sugars are also a great idea. And get some exercise. You should be exercising regularly anyway, but by doing so the day after your cleanse, you get your muscles to really work without the toxins in there, and you can sweat out even more of the salt and water.

The sea salt cleanse benefits are wide. You will feel better, sleep more soundly, have more energy, have the desire to eat better, and have a peppier, brighter mood. To name just a few. But the most important thing is that you do your research, ask a professional, and be prepared to treat your body right during the post cleanse phase.

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