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Are You Ashamed of Your Teeth?

Unsightly gums

Did you know that when gums are brown or black instead of pink, it means a buildup of excess melanin in the gums. If this happens to you, it can really take a toll on the appearance of your mouth, much like discolored teeth. In addition, your genetic history affects the pigmentation of your melanin. If you have a history of bad gums or teeth in your family, you may be at risk.

It is well known that having healthy teeth and gums greatly helps people look more attractive. Some people unfortunately have to go through gum surgery or extreme cosmetic dentistry costs just to get their gums looking healthy again.

Furthermore, people with gum disease are twice as likely to suffer from heart problems. This is daunting because gum disease affects up to 50 percent of American adults. If you want to avoid these problems and want your teeth to look like a Hollywood movie star, there are dark gums dentisty offices that can fulfill your wishes.

Gum surgery is not always necessary for people with things like gingivitis or gum disease. There are options like gum bleaching that you can do, which alleviate the symptoms of dark gums. However, talking to a dentist about the causes and ways to avoid further damage is always a really good idea.

Another option to make your teeth and gums look better is to undergo laser gum treatments, which can be done at a dark gums dentisty. Laser gum treatments can be done in about an hour, and most people see a significant improvement after only a few visits. Read more here:

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