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Irs garnishment

Filling out your income taxes can be difficult. Even 1040EZ is a little confusing to fill out and it is supposed to be the easiest. It has 33 pages of instructions. American’s, like citizens all other countries, must pay their taxes though. Before 1776, Americans were required to pay taxes to the England. States have some taxes that people have to pay too. For instance, in Alabama, residents have to pay 10 cents extra when they buy a pack of playing cards. That extra dime is a state tax.

Today, the amount of federal income taxes that people have to pay can vary from 10 percent to 39.6 percent . It depends on your income and deductions that you can take. The IRS can take some steps to get the money owed them when the taxpayer does not pay their taxes. One thing the IRS can do is a wage garnishment. However, there are ways to stop irs wage garnishment. An employer is legally required to handle the levy against their employees’ wages. If the employer fires the employee because they did not want to handle the wage garnishment, it is a criminal offense. Employers may find themselves fined up to $1000 and put in jail for a full year for willfully firing someone simply to avoid handling wage garnishment. Employers can tell employees who to see to stop wage garnishment though.

If you ever have a wage garnishment imposed on you by the IRS go to a tax attorney and ask how can i stop wage garnishment. Experienced tax attorneys will know how to stop IRS wage garnishment. Having your wages garnished is a difficult situation to be in. Most people cannot afford it and will need to find ways to stop wage garnishment. It is better to go to a tax resolution firm to get help to stop IRS garnishment. Various solutions are available that one can present to the IRS to settle your tax debt in other ways so they will stop wage garnishment. Look for a tax relief service in your community for the help you need to stop wage garnishment today.

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