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Understanding Industrial Welding

Industrial welding is just one type of welding. In one way or another welding has been practiced since the fourth century. There are so many different industries that depend on welding, and it is because of this that welding itself has branched off into many different ways.

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We observe these different types of welding because depending on the industry that you are in you might work with different materials or tools.

For most of the different types of welding practices there is an electrode that is being used to spark a fusion reaction. Flux is a common welding term and it refers to a combination of materials that is used in welding in order to protect the actual weld from the gases of the atmosphere.

submerged arc welding is a type of welding and in this process, the welding is done in a blanket of flux. The name comes from the fact that the welding process is done while ‘submerged’ under the blanket. All in all, there are many different types of welding processes. For the most part, all of these processes share similarities when it comes to the scientific side of how it is done, but different materials will require different setups, and thus we see differences.


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