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How to Replace Water Service Without a Trench

It is possible to replace water service piping without a trench. However, it requires the right technique. This video will demonstrate how this is done.

The technique used in this video for trenchless water service replacement is known as pipe bursting. This means that the old water line can be replaced without digging up the yard.

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First, you drill through and then use a new line to pull through from the inside of the house to the meter box. In case, the drilled hole should be four inches in diameter. The video shows this process step by step in detail. You can see how they drill the hold and then pull through the line with a little bit of effort. The old piping did split in half during the process, but this is a normal occurrence. Once the new pipe is in, make sure to seal up the hole with hydraulic cement. You may also want to consider putting a sleeve around the new pipe about twice the diameter in order to protect it from settling. This is just one method. However, if you prefer professional help replacing your water service, consider contacting an established water maintenance company.


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