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Septic System Maintenance

Your septic system is something you likely don’t want to think about. However, once it is not working correctly, you will be thinking about it a lot. This is why proper maintenance of the septic system is crucial. In this video, you will learn about the septic system repair, and how to properly maintain your septic system.

A septic system works similarly to a sewage treatment facility. All waste goes down through the plumbing to a holding tank.

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In the tank, bacteria break down the waste. This broken-down waste is then dispersed through pipes into a drain field where it safety provides nutrients to the soil. To prevent this system from backing up, it is recommended to not pushing cooking oil, grease, insecticides, bacterial soaps, paint thinners, paper towels, or pharmaceuticals down the drain. This could cause issue for the septic system that was not meant to handle these kinds of wastes. Some products such as Eco Now septic oxy tabs help break down wastes. Another way to avoid issues is to have it inspected every three to five years. This is the most important way to avoid future problems.


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