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Discover the Advantages of Urgent Care Facilities

Urgent care facilities

Did you know that urgent care facilities in the United States generate an estimated $14 billion in revenue each year? As more Americans get fed up with crowded, expensive, and chaotic emergency rooms, they are discovering the many advantages offered by their local urgent care centers.

There are several reasons that many Americans are choosing urgent cares as emergency room alternatives. Unlike an emergency room, urgent care facilities offer a more pleasant atmosphere and faster service, which is actually affordable. Perhaps it’s out of habit, but when individuals get injured or become ill enough to warrant emergency treatment, many of them still turn to the closest emergency room. They most likely do this because they know little, or nothing, about the benefits of urgent care facilities. The point being, if they did, they would never go to an emergency room ever again.

Once people discover the advantages of urgent care facilities, they rarely visit emergency rooms unless an injury or illness is severe. This is because urgent care facilities can treat such conditions as fractured bones, sprains, ligament tears, lacerations, the flu, and many other minor to moderate injuries and illnesses. Most urgent care facilities also provide vaccines, checkups, and physicals.

The Urgent Care Association of American contends that 80% of urgent care patients are treated within an hour, while nearly 60% receive treatment within 15 minutes! If that news isn’t good enough, the cost of an average urgent care visit is around 10% of the average emergency room visit! So, let’s see. If you can receive the same quality of treatment faster, and for less money, it’s easy to see why the popularity of urgent care centers is growing so rapidly.

While urgent care is an excellent choice for individuals without medical insurance, they can provide outstanding walk in care for anyone. Therefore, even if you have medical care coverage, but don’t want sit around in agony for hours on end waiting your turn, urgent care is probably the best option for you. See this reference for more.

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