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Oceanside Health Clinic for Urgent Care

Urgent care carlsbad ca

If you have a minor injury or other emergency and live in the Oceanside, California area, the Oceanside Health Clinic may be able to provide you with the healthcare services that you need. Urgent care centers are one of the most rapidly expanding sectors of American healthcare. Urgent care centers, like the Oceanside Health Clinic, are for injuries that require treatment by a professional, yet are not so serious as to warrant the intensive treatment of a hospital emergency room. Most people who get treatment at an urgent care center go for upper respiratory illness, stomach problems, or minor injuries like cuts or sprains.

Only about 30 percent of primary care physicians have coverage after hours, but urgent care centers operate all day and use a mix of nurses, physicians, and physician assistants. Most urgent care facilities have a doctor onsite around the clock. If you need urgent care Oceanside CA or urgent care carlsbad ca, the Oceanside Health Clinic may be able to provide the healthcare services that you need. In 2009, the Urgent Car Association of America established a certification program for urgent care centers to help the public by setting standards for urgent care centers. The Oceanside clinic is there for minor emergencies only; serious injuries should still go to an emergency room.

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